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In a previous post, you could see what we chose for our wedding venue: my home back yard. 🙌

When we asked my mom if we can get married there (she still lives there) she was thrilled and took this very seriously. I just asked if we could clean it up a bit and took out some dry trees. But she did one thousand percent more than this. She cleaned up all the dry trees and bushes, moved a lot of things that were in the way to the side, she fixed all the stone fences, sow grass where there was none, planted flowers, installed an arch for the wedding ceremony and much more. She is really amazing. There would be no wedding without her.

A big thanks goes also to my two older brothers. They both help to clean the venue and we even built stone stairs. All by ourselves. Can you believe it? And they are proper stone stairs that are leading to the place where the ceremony will take place. Mindblowing. It’s unbelievable what we can do together. Together we are growing stronger, growing wiser. Thank you both. 💕

Pictures below were taken at different times when we were working on the back yard.