Perunka Svarunka

For this collection, Sanija was inspired by the Slavic gods and Slavic mythology. Slavic gods are the protectors of the people and have nature and animals under control. The gods are all men and Sanija wanted to express their power in today’s modern women. And this is how the Perunka Svarunka collection came to life.

“The collection is made for strong women, who are always true to themselves and aren’t scared to stand out! Human beings wearing these pieces from the collection have it in the blood to make powerful statements and they’ll never apologize for how they look. “

Enjoy this stunning collection for which Sanija got a WOW award (Winner of the Week) at this year’s Ljubljana Fashion Week. She got an award for the best collection from all the collections presented on Novembers LJFW 2018. And bear in mind: Every person is his own God!

Foto: Jure Makovec
Foto: LJFW - Ljubljana Fashion Week

Dress by Sanija Reja Aske