Rogaška Slatina is the nearest town to our home that has some city-vibe. We love to go there during weekends for a coffee and a walk in the park. It feels like a little trip because you need to get in the car and drive for 15 minutes to get there. And I find something new there every time because I wasn’t growing up there.

Due to booming health tourism, Rogaška Slatina has a lot of hotels and cafés which means you have many options to choose from. Earlier this year a new hotel Atlantida opened its doors and we were blown away that something so stylish is in our area. We merely visited the magnificent lobby with high ceilings and toilets with little white cloth towels to dry your hands so we got a pretty good idea what type of hotel this is. If you are near Rogaška Slatina this is definitely the place to enjoy a peaceful tea or coffee.

When we go for a coffee I usually dress casually. But then there are days when you want to feel a little bit more elegant. In fact, it always feels good to dress nicely, even on an ordinary day. As Oscar Wild said: “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”

Dress from Mango