I received optical glasses nine years ago when I went on a medical examination for the driver’s license. I had two pairs of glasses sSince then. Both were black and pretty much squared. After five years my glasses got worn out and I decided that it’s time for new ones. I wanted them for a few months but I didn’t get to it because I knew that this is going to be a long process. In Slovenia, the first step is an appointment with an optometrist, the next step is choosing new glasses and wait for a week for them to be completed. So, you need to complete three steps to get new glasses in a month period.

This time Marko convinced me to go to Fielmann. I was skeptical to go to the other country to get glasses. I don’t even understand German very well but I gave it a try. When we entered Fielmann store in Seiersberg Shoppingcity we were offered help but we said that we want to just look around a bit. After a few minutes, a saleswoman approached us in Slovenian language. That was the first surprise. And not the last one. She helped us with finding the right pair of glasses. Glasses that sit good on the nose, that are not touching the cheeks when you are smiling, the ones that are not too small or too big. She was a great help1 She gave her professional opinion and wasn’t too pushy at the same time. When we found TOP 5 glasses that we liked the most, we sat down and reviewed each in detail.

When we finally chose our glasses we went to see an optometrist. Right away. We didn’t wait a few hours, days or weeks. Sabina (our saleswomen) measured everything she needed to do make the right lenses and we left. A week later we got our glasses. It was smooth and easy process. The employees are very professional, kind, they smile, they take time for you, they don’t hurry and they give all the time and space you need to find what you are looking for. If you are looking for a new glasses I would highly recommend Fielmann. You get everything in one place and even in the Slovenian language. Just ask for Sabina or Željko and you will get a first class experience.