All posts in June were from our amazing Scotland trip. I decided to document every day of our journey and wanted to share it with you. Please let me know if you liked this kind of posts so I will know for my future trips.ย ?

First, we stopped at the lovely cottage which was my highlight of the trip. I would go back without any hesitation. And then we experienced St. Andrews and mysterious Edinburgh. It was an awesome, windy, rainy and cold trip. Not for you if you like tropical temperatures and relaxation by the pool. But definitely worth to go and explore Scottish history which is somehow romantically dark but full of spirit and loyalty. Scottish people have fought for their land from the beginning and with the upcoming referendum, they are showing their love to their country and a little rebellious relationship towards the royal England.

Now, it’s time to say farewell to Scotland and hello to summer! ๐Ÿ™‚