October was awesome! You may not have gotten that idea by following the blog, but you understand what I’m talking if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

The tenth month of the year was exciting, full of new adventures, and thrilling. It was a month in which we gathered a lot of memories, in which we took time to relax and spend it for ourselves. That is also why there were no posts in October. It was not intentional or planned. I thought we will be very productive on Ibiza and that a lot of new content will come to the blog. We were productive. We were working on new posts, we shoot a lot of new photos in Ibiza, we just didn’t publish anything yet. We decided that we will enjoy a little bit more and not be consumed in constant pressure that we need to work on something. We took some time to breathe, to have movie nights and enjoy in things without the task of coming back home to work.

But don’t worry. Second Layer will be back on the track in November. New posts are coming with electrifying content. A lot of fashion and travel. Post from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Ibiza, Chech Republic, interview with Frachella and more. And then, a festive December is coming with festive vibe and a giveaway. So don’t panic, everything is under control. 🙂