Scottish Diary | 24 May 2017

We were at Scotland for a total of 12 days. For the first eight days, we were on a great road trip around Scotland and the last four days were reserved for Edinburgh. The whole trip was wonderful. If you like nature, hiking and camping the north of Scotland is for you. If you like resolving mysteries, Loch Ness is the right place. Inverness and Edinburgh offer city vibes. Castles will reveal Scotish history. And if you are a golfer, Scotland is the home of this ancient sport.

On the last day of our trip, I was shopping on Princess Street and searching little gifts to bring back home. I left the camera at the apartment so in this post, you can see photos from the lovely village Luss on the coast of Lake Lomond that weren’t published before.

Unfortunately, our trip was a little bit bittersweet because of Marko’s leg injury but we agreed that we will come back one day to have a stroll around Edinburgh and go return to St. Andrews so Marko will play golf. I hope that you enjoyed in my daily diary from our Scotland trip. And now more summerish posts are coming. Farewell Scotland! 🙂