It’s interesting how our style evolves and changes throughout the years. In primary school, I was very playful and colorful. I wore a lot of clothes from my older brothers. I was little bit of a town boy. Through high school, I started to be more girly and I liked to wear tight jeans and short shorts during the summer. If I look back now, I understand my mother didn’t agree with my style choice of showing my belly. It soon transformed into more “adult” look with a black and white wardrobe on college. Sometimes I liked to wear quite short sexy dresses. ?

Today, I’m in the new era of my style. I would say that prefer more elegant style each year. I’m starting to like midi dresses a lot. I believe that the length of midi dress empowers women. It’s not showing too much but it’s still lively. It’s also very practical. You have no worries when you sit on the chair or when you are getting out of the car.

This time I styled midi dress from H&M with a scarf to protect my neck (because I had as sore throat). It turned out great. I adore this dress because of the ruffles on the neckline and full bottom. It’s great for swirling. And when I swirl, I just can’t control a big smile.

Midi dress from H&M
Scarf from H&M
Ankle Boots from H&M
Clutch bag Vintage

Shirt from Christian Berg
Cardigan from DeFacto
Trousers from Zara
Bow tie from H&M
Chelsea Boot 2976 Unisex from Dr. Martens (black from ASOS)
Cufflinks from Amazon