One of the major fashion trends for 2019 are pleated skirts. Very feminine and beautiful trend. ?
I decided to write about pleated skirts because of the response I got this Sunday on my Outfit of the day Instagram stories where I was wearing a pleated skirt. Pleated skirts are flattering because they usually have a high waist which means that your legs look longer and we all want that. It also gives you a nice hourglass shape because it’s tight around the waist and then goes down in an A-line shape. And you can wear them with any top (from shirt to turtleneck) and with any shoes (from sneakers to high heel boots).

Bellow, you can find some of my favorites pleated skirts that are available now. ⏬⏬⏬

MANGO metallic pleated skirt
49.99 € / 34.99 €

MANGO pleated midi skirt
49.99 € / 25.99 €

MANGO stripes pleated skirt
49.99 € / 34.99 €

ZARA pleated skirt
25,95 € / 7,99 €