Island Pag’s bare and desolate landscape seen from the continental side doesn’t offer much but when one approaches it from the other side this beautiful Croatian island reveals many treasures. Like the city of Pag which caries the same name as the island itself. Pag is the main city of the island and is built from stone. Another specialty about Pag is a special type of lace called Paška čipka which is a part of the UNESCO heritage.

Pag also has vast salt pans which are connected to the old city of Pag with Katine bridge. This bridge was built in 2010 and has replaced the old bridge from the 15th century. The bridge is covered with a white stone and is for pedestrians only. The interesting thing about the bridge is its asymmetry. The bridge offers nice views over the city bay and if you are lucky you can catch a refreshing summer breeze in the evening.

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