I haven’t been doing New Year’s resolutions until a year ago. I did it for 2018 and it was a great outcome. Marko said that he will buy 10 pieces of clothing in 2018 (underwear and socks not included). And I joined his resolution. It seemed hard at first (as most of the resolutions are) but when you take it seriously and think about it deeply it makes a lot of difference. I started to buy and look at clothes differently. Now when I want to buy something I ask myself these questions:
– Do I already have something similar?
– Will I wear this piece 3-5 times in one year?
– Do I really need it?

In 2019 I bought 9 new pieces of clothing (you can see them in the pictures below):

1. BLACK DRESS by Sanija Reja Aske
2. BLUE DRESS by Zara
3. BEIGE PUMPS by Hogl
4. SWIMSUIT by Mango
5. BLOUSE by Massimo Dutti (which damaged the first time I was wearing it)
6. JUMPSUIT by Stradivarius
7. GREEN SKIRT by Zara
8. JUTA BEACH BAG by Mango
9. GREY DRESS by Nelly

I learned a great deal out of it. Throughout the year I realized that we buy way too many clothes. The fashion industry is massive and it produces so many clothes it’s bizarre. We don’t need so many materialistic things. I started wearing more different clothes (not just the new and the favorite ones), which also saved me money.

This year we have a new resolution. To play golf at least 10 times in the year 2019. We choose this resolution because we want to spend more time outdoors (not behind computers), be active and spend more time together. Let’s hope this resolution will be as successful as the one from 2018. ✨