I apologize for being out of the radar for three weeks. Some unplanned things happened and I wanted to enjoy it and spent some time with my family. But now I’m back so let’s dig in.

The United States of America is a country that has been on my wish list forever. It is presented to the outside world as the land of dreams where everything is possible. Where skyscrapers are higher than mountains and success is waiting behind every corner. From media, movies, and series, you can make up a colorful image in your mind about the USA. An image in my head was that cities never sleeps, that everybody has fun and that it is way more interesting than Slovenia or Europe.

Three weeks ago, out of nowhere, Marko got an offer to go to San Francisco. He was thrilled. At first, we thought that he would go to the other side of the world alone. But after few days of discussing possibilities, we both booked tickets to the City of San Francisco! I couldn’t believe it. San Francisco?! Everything happened so fast that we booked tickets less than a week before the departure and in the next moment we were already at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris waiting to board a plane to “Frisco”.

San Francisco October is starting now!

Sweater from Zara
Leather Leggins from Calzedonia
Sneakers from Zara
Necklace from H&M
Handbag from H&M