Today’s lifestyle is pushing us to work late hours, weekends, and we need to be available via the phone or email 24/7. We must solve problems fast, we are always in a rush, and often ready to give priority to work at the expense of personal time. In times like this we forget about ourselves. But there comes a time that we need a break from it all, a breath of different environment to forget about work and take time for ourselves. To read, enjoy mornings on the sun, live in the moment.

Me and Marko are doing this with short weekend getaways (every 6 months – far too little). We choose a destination that is not too far away, a few hours from our home, we book an Airbnb or a hotel and enjoy the weekend adventure. Two weeks ago we were in Vienna in Parkhotel Schönbrunn where we already stayed last year. A beautiful hotel which was used as a guest house of Emperor Franz Joseph I. It has high ceelings, delicious brekfast and spacious rooms. The staff is very polite and helpful. Across the street lies Schönbrunn park, metro and Lind store. This is a perfect hotel for quiet and relaxed stay in Vienna. We started our day with breakfast, followed by a coulpe of hours of work. After that, we went out and didn’t think about work anymore.

Weekend getaways like this are really great to find new inspirations, new energy and just to relax so that you come home refreshed. It is OK to rest or not to do anything for a while. I need to remind myself about this more often. ?‍♀️?‍♀️