At the end of our stay in Momjan, Marko and I decide to go for a walk in Momjan to get to know the village we spent the weekend in. Michael and Marijana (our Airbnb hosts that we highly recommend) suggest seeing the castle. Castles are always interesting so we decide to have a look. At the beginning, the road that leads to the historic site is narrow and asphalted. Then a sign points us to a cart track. We are up for the adventure so we follow the sign. While we are approaching the castle there is no road anymore. Just a hiking trail with high grass.

After few moments, we see a castle on the top of the hill. Well, not exactly a castle but ruins of the castle that live in harmony with grass, bushes, and trees, like some forsaken temple in Indiana Jones Movie. The view is amazing. The path continues down to the small canyon and then it rises back up to the castle. Road is looking like there is no transpassing. It’s in the middle of a wild forest where you need to navigate your way through thorns, nettle and branches. Marko wants to turn around and just cherish the view of the ruins. But I want to experience it from the inside. It would be a shame not to go.

Marko let me lead the way. When I was little I spent a lot of time in nature, high grass and woods so for me this is an exciting expedition. But it is not so fun for Marko. He is highly alerted for all kind of plants and animals around him the whole way up to the castle. He is feeling quite uncomfortable. After a few “Aaa!” and “Ajda, what is this sound?!” we make it to the top. Inside the courtyard of castle ruins Marko feels more comfortable but don’t want to walk to the other side of ruins because he is afraid that there might be snakes in high grass. For me, this is like in the old days when we were children playing in high grass before farmers cut it down. It is nice to discover something new and historic. And I am proud of Marko that he defeated his fear and went to the castle with me.

Long story short. I am discovering that it is always better to do something than not doing it. Like going somewhere rather than just sitting at home. Of course when you are working like crazy, home is the only option. But when you are on vacation or have some time off it is always better to go out for a few hours. If this means going out for a pizza, to have a walk and a drink in a café or to visit an unknown place. You feel more alive and happy than just staying at home and watch series, movies or – god forbid – reality shows. So collect the energy to get up from the couch (I know, it’s quite hard sometimes), wear something that makes you feel beautiful (not tracksuit) and go out. Discover. Live.

Dress from Zara
Sunglasses from Primark
Bag from Parfois