Scottish Diary | 22 May 2017

To stay at home while staying in such a beautiful city as Edinburgh seems like a sin. But day 10 was reserved for that. To cuddle with my injured boy, relax, and do some work. Luckily a lot of my work requires work on a computer regardless of location so I can work wherever I want. And an old city apartment with high ceilings sounds like a very nice office. Usually, I was working just at one place, at one desk. But now I like to switch ambients. In that way, I stretch a little and I feel free which results in more effective work.

I’m also more effective if I’m working in a nice environment with natural light and nice furniture. It’s a fact that people prefer working in nice offices than in small, old ones with small windows.

What also makes my work more efficient are breaks. After a few hours behind a computer, I like to read something, go for a walk or have a snack. Half hour breaks keep me alive. They are also good because you come back to work with more fresh thoughts and maybe you see something you didn’t before.

So if you have the opportunity try to switch your workspace and take brakes. Sometimes also working while traveling and staying in is a day well spent. Especially if you spent it with your loved ones.

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