Which is the most important royal family in the world? The British Royal Family, of course. Everything is royal in the United Kingdom: royal parks, royal mail, royal palaces, royal guards, royal halls, royal events, royal navy, royal ballet, royal collection, royal theatres… the list could go on and on.

While discovering London’s tourist attractions related to royal family the Royal Guards cannot get unnoticed. During spring and summer officers and guardsmen wear their famous black bearskin cap, red tunics with a dark blue collar, dark blue trousers (this colour actually looks black) with a red stripe down the seam of each leg and with a white leader buff belt. During autumn and winter months the Queen’s footguards change from their red summer tunics into their grey great coats. The grey great coats are warmer and keep soldiers warm from winter temperatures.

For me the most fascinating part of British Royal Guards uniform is the bearskin cap. It’s so big and special. I don’t know how it stays on their heads but it looks like it works perfectly for them. The bearskins were first worn in 19th century at the famous Waterloo battle where British army defeated Napoleon’s French Imperial Guards. Back then they wore bearskins because they look taller and more intimidating. Nowadays they are worn as a symbol of its victory and are used in royal guards for ceremonial duties and at guarding royal residents.

The bearskins are made – as the name says – from Canadian brown bears. They are 45 cm tall and weight 0.68 kilograms.

You can’t buy the bearskins anywhere but I found a similar hat in Zara. At least it reminded me of the original bearskin hat, while keeping me very warm in moody English weather. And if I tell you the truth, I did feel more taller and royal in it.

Hat from Zara
Coat from H&M