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When I was just a little girl I was dreaming to get married at our back yard. I love the place because I spent a lot of my childhood there, it’s very green and no one ever married there. But I thought that you can’t get married just wherever you want so this stayed just a dream. Now, 20 years later I will be getting married in this very spot! In a place very close to my heart, where I feel relaxed and at home. I’m over the moon that Marko agreed for a wedding on the grass and I can’t wait for THE day. My dreams are coming true. ✨

The wedding venue was the first thing we decided on after the engagement. And because it’s an outdoor wedding the next thing we decided was a date. In the middle of the summer so that there is no possibility of the rain (I hope so). Below you can see the pictures of our back yard which was taken last summer at a birthday party of my two amazing brothers and me. The decoration will be different for the wedding but at least you can get the vibe of our wedding venue.