After the first few posts on my blog a colleague of mine asked me if I wanted to become a model when I was younger because of my outfits, poses and the style of the photos. His question came as a surprise but it got me thinking.

I wanted to be a model when I was young like every girl wants to be a princess for her dream wedding. But it was just a dream. I was going through fashion magazines with joy. By observing the fashion industry I knew that I’m not tall or skinny enough. This findings didn’t made me sad because I knew that this is impossible for a country girl. And I started chasing a new dream. I didn’t really knew what, but a life was beautiful and I just went with its flow. And the love of fashion grew on me nevertheless.

Today I’m in front of the camera and posing. I’m far from being a model. I don’t know how to set my body to be the most flattering, I don’t know which is my best angle and how to smize, a look that involves smiling not only with your mouth but with your eyes (funfact: a word was invented by a famous supermodel Tyra Banks). I’m very shy when we are shooting and passersby are watching us. I’m trying to beat shyness with humming a song to myself. Try it when you are not comfortable at doing something, maybe this can work for you as well. But the best of me brings out my photographer which is also my boyfriend. The funny thing is that even though we are best friends and we goof around all the time, when we do a photoshoot, he is very focused at his work. I’m not shy in front of him and I like to jump, smile or just stand for him, while he is giving me advices and deals with the gear. He gets my best angles and his photos are amazing. He dedicates his whole self to the things he loves doing and photography is one of his passions.

I’m not a model. I don’t have a closet full of fancy stuff. I don’t have a makeup artist. I’m not a fashion designer or fashion editor. But fashion is my passion. And Second Layer blog is in a way a result of this passion.

Blouse and blazer from H&M
Shorts from Pull & Bear
Shoes from Blink
Rings from Stradivarius
Watch from Casio