TED is a worldwide platform consisting of talks and representation of ideas worth sharing. It’s educational and fun. Last week was a TEDx event in Maribor. Funfact: TED doesn’t actually come from a man’s name but it stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design and “x” marks independently organised TED event. But the core is the same as TED events are: great people presenting great ideas.

This Maribor TEDx was really special because my brother was one of the speakers. I was very excited about his talk. Also my mother and brother came all the way from the other end of Slovenia to get to see him. He came out with his laptop on a music stand and started a dialogue with artificial intelligence via his computer. He explained how artificial intelligence (AI) is learning from us and how it’s responding. He left us thinking about AI and how we need to be responsible while using apps and other “smart” gadgets that are available today. Because AI is learning from us, it is gathering all the data and information for evolving itself. So be responsible the next time you are using apps, social media, and other interactive processes, because you are contributing to the critical thinking and responsibility of the future AI. And so you are also the factor on how the AI is developing itself and how it will treat us when the time comes.

My brother Janže was talking with very calm voice, almost like he was telling a fairytale. And he did told us a story. A very interesting story with beautiful storytelling. He was very confident on stage and talking very smoothly. I was very proud sister and the whole family was very proud.

Janže, I hope that you will stay so enthusiastic about life, that you will think diversely and that you will continue to dream big because it’s a joy watching you while your dreams are coming true.

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