I bought this swimsuit at the end of May and I want to show them to you ever since. Somehow something always came up that this was not realised. And it came close that the photos in the swimsuit would not be taken at all. I wanted a photoshoot with them on the beach or in the low tide during my whole summer vacation. Since we were quite busy with other projects, we remembered on the last evening of our vacation that we didn’t shoot the swimsuit. We ran to the beach immediately because the sun was already low and we wanted to catch the last rays of sunlight.

There was a couple with a dog at the beach when we came to the spot where we wanted to do a photoshoot. I felt uncomfortable in front of them, but luckily they were even more uncomfortable when they saw the camera (they were pretty young and they might have been hiding), so they moved a few meters down the shore. Me and Marko were both in a little panic. Besides everything else, there were very sharp stones in the sea so we needed to wear sandals in order not to get hurt. Of course, the shoes came off a few times and hurt my feet, but still a justified sacrifice for a good photo. After hectic fifteen minutes the sun set and we went home. Despite all the hurry and obstacles, I think the photos came out nicely.

This is the story behind the photos. It’s not always like this. But sometimes, everything goes wrong before it goes right. If you are interested to hear more behind the scenes stories, please comment and I might share more of what is going on behind the lens in the future.

Halter Neck Swimsuit from ZARA