Our family is visiting Novalja in summer ever since I was little. When we are there, it feels like home, everything is known and familiar. After few years we created a daily routine: breakfast in the morning, following by spending an hour or two on the beach until the sun heat becomes unbearable and we hide in the shade for lunch. After lunch, the sun is still too high and we usually play cards. After four it is time for the beach and sea again. Before dinner, dad and my brothers go on a basketball and when they come back, we eat. For the perfect ending to our day, we go to the city centre for an ice cream.

After 20 years the routine hasn’t changed. Older me still wants to rest on the beach during the day and have an ice cream at night. I always get scoops of ice cream. But since Marko is in the equation, we also get ice cream on the sticks quite often – he particularly likes Ledo’s King Double and I must admit it is delicious.

Novalja is alive at any time of the day. It became very touristic over the years and there is always something going on. Different concerts, cultural nights or parties. It’s never monotonous.

This routine is great because you really get the relaxation you want on vacation. I also love active vacations where you experience something new every day and you are full of excitement. But Novalja has a special place in my heart and I’m happy to come back every summer.

Blouse from H&M
Shorts from Pull & Bear

Polo shirt from Conbipel
Trousers from Zara
Belt from Pull & Bear
Espadrilles from C&A