Summer parties and summer weddings are here. A piece that can elevate your look – literally – are high heels. High heels that are comfortable so that you can dance in them all night long.

This year I was invited to two summer weddings. And my hunt for heeled sandals began. I wanted bright sandals with thin heels. I thought that I will find them easily. I tried a lot of shoes. From very low heel to high, all kinds of different strips… I found some beautiful sandals but none were comfortable.

I didn’t want to give up and on my last hunt I found them. Perfect high heel sandals! The heel seemed too high at the beginning, but when I tried them on I was surprised how comfortable they were. I was wearing them in store for more than a half an hour. I walked and danced. I wanted to be sure that they will not let me down. And they didn’t. They performed stellar at the first wedding. On a scale from 1 to 10 I give them 9 for looks and 9 for comfortability. And in high heels this combo is hard to get.

High heel sandals by Unisa