About a year ago our studio SAMINO got involved in a new project that has started being captured into a lens over the past weekend. Our production team got a job to do a video for a website and campaign photos of Born bags (more about Born in the following weeks when the campaign will launch). Six models were involved in the production and I got the honour to be one of them.

I was working with our production team as a producer. After we’ve finished the fifth model I went to sit on chair and let the great makeup artist Lara Oven prepare me for video and photo shoot. Lara did an amazing job with makeup and hair. I loved her choice of colourful lipstick because my outfit was all white and lipstick was a nice pop of colour. I also adored what she did with my hair. A bit retro but very stylish and elegant look.

It was my first time to work with professional makeup artist and stylist. I was feeling very beautiful. The energy on set was great, Katja and Jurij (Born bag creators) were very organised and they took care of everything (water, food, accommodation). It was a great first professional photo shoot experience being a model.

Last but not least, I’m very proud of our SAMINO team that we did such an amazing job. It was very hard working weekend and I’m sure that the end results will be awesome. When everything is going to be finished, you can expect to see the photos from the campaign on the blog.

Shirt by H&M
Shorts by H&M
Dress by Zara
Jacket by Mango