I’m quite a safe person in every way. I like to live by the rules, I like to do things I know, I like to dress safely and not stand out. “Be normal, act normal, dress normal and your life will be as it should be.” I don’t like to stand out and I am never the loudest one in the group. I wouldn’t say that I’m introverted or that I don’t have my own opinion. I just think that with “Be normal” strategy I will smoothly sail through life.

As I’m getting older I’m discovering that life is also nice – sometimes even more – if you say what you think and feel, if you do something out of your comfort zone or if you dress edgier. Others will not look differently at you,  you will even give an impact that you own your life. With this recognition, I’m growing and trying to go pass my “Be normal” perception.

I’m still “Be normal” in a way but at least I’m trying new things and dress bolder. I love this winter leather outfit. Leather trousers and leather collar on a jacket gives it an edgy look. Styled with a basic white shirt and white flat boots it looks like something you could wear every day and it is not screaming “Look at me!”

All the clothes I’m wearing in this edgy look are more than three years old. Until today, I didn’t have the courage to wear it, but they feel awesome today. So, my advice: be brave, dress edgy and it will make you impeccable.

Jacket from Stradivarius
Top from H&M
Trousers from H&M
Winter cap from Zara
Scarf from Mexx
Boots from Nelly