We have two major clothing sales in a year in Slovenia. Winter sale in January and summer sale in July. These sales are legally placed on behalf of the country for all clothing shops in Slovenia. This year they repealed the law and no store is obligated to have sales anymore. But sales are still here! 🙂 Shops always start with promotions in December and continue with bigger sales in January. This year was no different.

You can get some great deals and I went to check it out if I can find something for myself. I found too many things and I had to be selective. The first thing that I found was an H&M midi dress with open back and incorrect dots. Great for spring picnics or romantic walks with your loved one. The second thing I got is a navy blue blouse with ruffles in Mango. It’s elegant and playful with a beautiful black velvet bow. This blouse will elevate your office look. I guess navy blue is starting to becoming one of my favorite colors because I also got two blue dresses in Zara. One is fitted with rich buttons on the left shoulder and the other one is very light and floating with a bow in the back. First is great for formal events and the second is perfect for summer evenings. The last but not least is a burgundy jacket in Stradivarius. I love the soft military look of it and its red wine color. Can’t wait to wear it with my white ruffled blouse for a Victorian-inspired look.

I’m more than pleased with my sale purchases. The items I bought were between 10 and 20 euros. The sales are still underway so hurry up if you need something or just want to check it out and make some awesome deals.

Knitted Military Jacket from Stradivarius
Navy Blue Fitted Dress from Zara
Tie-neck blouse from Mango
Ruffled Dress from Zara
Midi Dots Dress from H&M