Throughout history, pockets were a must-to-have feature in the development of trousers – both women and men. Men can fit all their essential things they need in their pockets. A phone and a wallet. On the other hand, most women trousers nowadays are tight which makes pockets useless. To solve this problem, women started to wear bags not just for groceries but also for personal items.

Today, bags are an indispensable piece of woman’s wardrobe. We wear this beautiful accessory every day. Big or small, shoulder or crossbody, clutch or tote. The secret is to find the right one for yourself and the adventure you are having. This fall I fell in love with burgundy color and two gorgeous bags. The one from H&M is perfect for every day. It’s not too small and not too big. You can wear it crossbody or use just hand handle and it quickly transforms into the night look. Perfect! The other one is more fashionable and as soft as freshly washed kitten. The shape is different and it’s never wrong if you have a special bag in your closet.

And now let’s talk about burgundy! It’s a great enrichment for every fall styling. It’s the right amount of color but still not too crazy that fall wouldn’t be able to handle. Burgundy is the color of bags you can see in the photos. It’s a mix of pink and brown. It’s similar to dark red mixed with purple. The name originates from a color of wine named Burgundy and is coming from Burgundy region of France. When you wear it feels like France, so where can you go wrong with that?

Handbag from H&M
City bag from SMH