Although at the moment New York, Milan, Ljubljana, and Paris all host spring/summer fashion shows, we are gonna talk about fall 2016 fashion trends. In the past few weeks I’m thinking a lot about trends:
How are they set?
How all fashion designers and fashion houses presents the same trend at the same time?
How do they use the same colours?
How all of them know what will be “in” next year?

Here is a little fashion industry insight for you, Second Layer reader. While I was searching for an answers, my brother sent me a very interesting podcast The Trend Forecast which gives you a slight overview on how the trends are set. After I checked it out, I was shocked! World Global Style Network short WGSN is “a trend forecasting, live analytics and design tools that help designers make better, more confident decisions to deliver the right products at the right time.” They work on analysis and can predict what will the next trend be. They can predict the trends for two years ahead. For this information you need to pay a hefty subscription. They even offer templates for clothes which designer can change a bit and it’s the new design we see in the stores. It’s quite spooky. If you want to know more how the trends are set, listen to this podcast. It’s awesome.

Let’s get back to the fall 2016 fashion trends. A lot is going on, but I chose top six trends. These are: beautiful velvet, shiny metallics, comfortable oversized sweaters, leopard print, statement faux fur and elegant ruffles. Apart from those, we will see a lot of bomber jackets, long dresses with floral print, sateen dresses, lace and oversized sleeves. But of course follow the trends that you like and that go along with your style. Remember, trends go out of style, but style never goes out of trend.



Oversized sweater


Statment fur