May it be in a sporty or elegant way – a hoodie is fashionable today and one of the big trends this season. So I went into my closet and found a hoodie with a zipper. This is what I wear at home when I want to be comfortable (like probably most of us). I decided to style it with an elegant basic white blouse and black office trousers. It felt easy and chic.

Lately, I feel like I’m experimenting a lot with clothes and fashion styles. Two years ago I had a defined style. I knew what I like and what works for me. Now I’m trying different colours, shapes, and trends. Sometimes I feel a little lost. I don’t like this feeling wandering around for a long time. In fashion, I’m still discovering myself. Hopefully, this mystery will soon be solved. However – as in this case and every other in life – it is a common thing as we go through different phases.

Until I find my defining style, I will be experimenting. In the next week even with a new haircut. So many things are going on lately that I’m not even realising I have an appointment with a hairstylist and that the new haircut is coming very soon. Maybe a new haircut will go hand in hand with finding a clearer style.

Coat from H&M
Hoodie from Amisu
Blouse from H&M
Trousers with belt from Zara
Sneakers from Zara
Cross bag from Parfois