I love Second Layer and I love blogging. I wish one day this would be a major part of my work, but for now, I don’t live from blogging just yet. As my profession, I work as a project manager and creative video editor at SAMINO studio. How did I get there? Currently, I’m finishing my studies in Media communications at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Maribor and during my studies in 2009, I met a group of enthusiastic schoolmates with whom I started to collaborate on different projects, mostly related to video production. I started with beeing a journalist and helping with the organization. In 2011 I got in touch with video editing. My first videos where I helped with editing were flash mobs for Slovenian ecological campaign called “Let’s Clean up Slovenia”. During this project my friend Aljaž sat with me for hours and tought me editing. Thank you, Aljaž Tepina!

My first independent edited videos were done in 2012 within a project for Maribor European Capital of Culture where a group of students called Student Oasis of Culture did a media coverage for the events of University of Maribor. After a few months in the project, I became a head of video production. In 2013 I did a short documentary with Marko called Sofia 13 and this is the project I’m personally the most proud of to this day.

After I finished my exams at the university in 2014 I went to work on Slovenia biggest commercial TV station POP TV where I was a part of editing team on project Slovenia got Talent Season 4 and Season 5. Last year I worked with Paprika Latino on cooking TV show “Moja mama kuha bolje. The TV gave me a lot of experiences and I’m very happy to get to know and work with great and talented people.

In the last three years, I also helped a lot at Samino studio with its projects. Now I’m working just for Samino studio and I have a blast. I love it because we work on different projects, on video and animation, and I’m a part of the creative process not just post production.

While searching for new experiences, I applied for a video editor job for You Tuber Jon Olssen in December. I did a two-minute reel of my work which you can see below. I didn’t get the job but my application has more than 100.000 views on You Tube and I got some really nice comments which are a big motivation for the future. I love working in creative industry and I hope I will continue doing what I love in life.

Below are some comments I got on YouTube for the Jon Olsson application.

Below are some comments I got on YouTube for the Jon Olsson application.

Rad Silverpred
Excellent! I’ve watched about 40 of these so far. Two women and one is you. I have seen 4 vids that I really like and yours is one of them. Good work and good luck!

Robyn Encisopred
Hey Ajda, you’re literally my favorite from all the applicants. You just seem like a perfect fit, I commented on the latest vlog that they should check you out. Really hoping you get the job. Best of luck, Ajda for TEAM OVERKILL!

You’re the only female entry I’ve so far…and wow that was top-notch editing, very creative and versatile 🙂
I’m rooting for you girl !

Your shots, animations and music is perfect in line with the vlogs with a nice touch of Ajda I think.
Not to forgot the edit is very high quality and looking great!

Damn, this was awesome. Gave me goosebumps. Seen a few applications and this one was so far the best. Im gonna vouch for you.

And this is how my everyday workspace at Samino looks like. It’s a perfect ecosystem for bringing ideas to life and developing production magic. On the photos bellow I was working on animation video. You can check my latest work on Vimeo.