If you want to feel, look and dress elegant and feminine here are my 6 pieces of advice on how to achieve it.

1. Wear clothes that are not too revealing.
Don’t wear shirts or blouses that show too much cleavage and skirts that are too short. Mid-thigh or higher is too sexy. Right above the knee is still ok. That doesn’t mean that you need to be covered like a nun but reveal just enough. Open two or maybe three buttons on your shirt, show ankles, and elbows. If you wear a dress have an open back or an open cleavage, not both.

2. Wear loosen up clothes.
That doesn’t mean oversized clothes. But skirts and trousers that are not totally hugging your body like tights or skinny jeans. Everything too tight is too sexy and not elegant. Most blouses and suit trousers are made the way that shows your figure but they are not pressed to your body.

3. Everything with a high waist is a big yes.
Trousers or skirts with a high waist makes your legs look longer and therefore you will look more elegant. Also, tuck your shirt in which will give you a nice shape and you will look more structured and therefore feminine. Hight heels will also help but they are not necessary. I like to wear low or mid heels because in very high heels my legs start to hurt.

4. Basic pieces of clothing are your best friend.
Timeless plain white T-shirt, white button-down shirt, elegant blazer, turtleneck, midi skirt, black trousers, little black dress, ballet flats, and sleek pumps go with everything. These are classic pieces which you can mix with colors, textures, accessories and you will look great.

5. Less is more
This rule applies to accessories, colors, textures, and patterns. Try to wear a few accessories (don’t over do it) and don’t mix too many different colors together (mix maximum 3 different colors in one look). This also applies to textures and patterns. Mix maximum three but I would advise having one per look. I usually wear one piece of clouting with texture or pattern for a look.

6. God is in the details.
Amen. Don’t forget to brush your hair, wash your face and have clean nails. Iron your clothes. If you wear a skirt always have another pair of tights with you. Wear a scarf. And overall: take good care of your clothes.