Together at last

This is the name of Sanija Reja Aske fashion show she presented last year at Ljubljana Fashion Week. It all started with a white shirt (which was in the old days reserved just for men) and how to incorporate it in women’s wardrobe. In her collection Together at last, she is challenging the relationship between two people and their different views on life and two sides we all have: a bright, gentle side and dark, rough side. This is why the collection has white and black pieces. Pink pieces show us that nothing in life is just black and white but also something more we all add to our every day. Pink neck and hair pieces are a work of Cup of Tea and the girl behind it is Tea Gorič.

I guess I also have a bright and dark side because I fell in love in two dresses from this collection: white and black. So I took them home with me: look number four and five (both looks will be presented in the next two posts). Both are special but also very wearable dresses. You can see the whole collection Together at last in the photos below.

This year’s collection from Sanija is coming on the blog at the end of the week. Not only Sanija exceeded all my expectations, but she also won an award WOW – Winner of the Week! ?

You can find more about Sanija and her 2016 collection HERE.