When I got an invitation for my first ever fashion show I was thrilled. I was happy like a little kid when he gets candy. I was smiling big, jumping around and was really excited to visit Ljubljana Fashion Week a.k.a. FWLJ. Until a few days ago I was following Fashion weeks through different websites and magazines. In general, I still do but now I was lucky to see a glimpse of the industry in reality. I was invited to the Sanija Reja Aske fashion show and was enthusiastic to see what she has prepared for us.

Sanija Reja Aske graduated at Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering in the department of Textile and fashion design. Since then she was collaborating all over Europe with Young @ Squat crew. Today she is working as a stylist and creating collections that are presented at FWLJ each year. She describes herself that she is still growing and her collections are getting more feminine.

The collection presented at FWLJ was very feminine. She offered us dresses, elegant tops, office trousers, a little bit of sparkle and my favorite shoe bows. Shoe bow is a piece that is not a part of the shoe but is an independent element which you can put on every shoe you like. An excellent feature! In this collection, she stayed true to herself and used leather on belts and handbags. But she didn’t play safe. She experimented with denim as the main material throughout the whole collection – the material she never used before. Another great thing in her collection was that she didn’t dress only women but men as well. She dressed them in denim shorts or long trouser with sweaters – I love long tight forearms ending of the sleeves.

It’s great cohesive and wearable collection with a lot of pieces which you can combine with everyday clothes you already have in your wardrobe. In a few weeks, you will have a chance to see the collection in person and try it on in the showroom. You can find more pictures from LJFW here.

New post from FWLJ is coming tomorrow with a tribal collection of Janja Videc. If you are craving for fashion, tune in tomorrow for more. 🙂

Blouse from Mango
Trousers from Zara
City bag from Zara
Rings from Stradivarius
Shoes from Lazzarini