I was blessed with two invitations to Ljubljana Fashion Week (LJFW). First, I was fortunate to see Sanija Reja Aske  and the next day Janja Videc fashion show. Two special and inspiring evenings.

Janja Videc presented the collection Taura which is based on her personal growth and shamanic journey rituals. In this collection she celebrates life and coexistence between people and nature. She is going back to a time when we lived with nature, when there was no right or wrong, and when we were free of prejudices. She expressed what lies behind the Taura collection for Mična blog. The collection is mature, elegant, and wrapped in the tribal spirit. It contains asymmetric shapes, sheer fabric, and statement earrings. This collection empowers women, makes them elegant and beautiful. I will present Janja’s tribe collection and her in detail sometime in future. Can’t wait to sit down with her and get to know her tribe.

LJFW is a great event for fashion designers to show their work to the wider public (more photos from the last day here). The fashion show goes by quickly and you need to be very focused to see the clothes and get the feeling of how the styling is made. When you see the clothes later on pictures or at showrooms you can take time and look at all the details designers put into their clothes. The only thing that left me troubled after LJFW is the feeling that the event is not just for fashion designers but also for other people to show up and be there because it sounds and looks cool. Nevertheless, I had a great time and I’m grateful to Sanija and Janja that they let me in their world. Thank you and I wish you a lot of creativity and all the best in the future. <3