First of all, I would like to say thank you guys for all your comments on the previous post! I was very happy to get your feedback.

From the combination of your reflections and my thoughts, I decided to stay on my path and create the content I feel passionate about – I will continue with affordable fashion, travels, and include more Slovenian designers and sustainable fashion. I love the work of Slovenian designers and organic fashion, still, I buy things from “consumer brands”, like Zara and H&M from time to time. But, I’m learning that less is more and I’m proud of myself that I started to think more mature about fashion. All because of you and Second Layer. I will also do some styling posts in the future. The same piece of clothing or jewelry in different styling outfits. So stay tuned. 🙂

Today I’m sharing with you a piece that is timeless and effortless. A two-piece suit. They are perfect: you can wear them in every season, trousers and blazer can be worn together or separate, you can look very elegant or style it with basic T-shirt and sneakers and you look casual. Sometimes we think that we look corporate in a suit but if you have a fun suit with a twist in your wardrobe you will shine. I was a sceptic at first because this was a pink suit but it’s perfect. I love it! It’s classic. Definitely a good buy that can be worn in lots of different occasions and the one that will never go out of trend.

Pink suit from ASOS
Bag from Mango