I love fashion, fashion blogs and social media profiles that are fashion related (mainly Instagram). I check them out daily. They give me inspiration, a view to the high fashion, and a lot of hauls or discount codes for buying clothes. And not just on their blogs but with Instagram feature also through their stories. Lately, I came across a lot of sponsored blogger offers on every step. I know they put a lot of work to be where they are and I don’t mind it, I just think that some are motivated merely by profit and spending money on clothes. I like buying clothes but not in huge quantities. I think it’s better to think twice and buy things that you will be wearing often. That you will buy comfortable heels (not just beautiful), silhouettes that work for you or unique pieces that you don’t have in your wardrobe yet. Recently, I found myself in a conflict. I write a fashion blog and indirectly inviting you to spend money on clothes. And here lies my dilemma. How to incorporate fashion in a blog? How to write about fashion without motivating endless spending? What do you think? Do you think spending is a problem? How would you like to see the blog to evolve? What inspires you? Do you have any suggestions for me how to incorporate fashion more into some specific content? Maybe posts with advices from my experiences? I’m just thinking out loud here.

I got an idea. As I like affordable fashion with not too many clothes in my wardrobe, would you be interested in some styling advices? For example, one trousers in three different outfits? Or would you like to know more about sustainable fashion? More interviews like the one with Janja Videc? I’m struggling a lot with this questions lately. If you have something on your mind regarding this topic please tell me, I would love to hear it.

Trousers from Zara
Top from H&M
City bag from Zara
Sandals from Massimo Dutti
Necklace from AliExpress