When we give the color a name it represents one color. Yellow is yellow, red is red, blue is blue. But yellow can also be light yellow or dark yellow. The same applies on the color we call nude. As the name applies the color nude comes from the color of the skin and it cannot be just one color, but a very wide specter of all the color tones a human body can possess. Beauty and fashion industries are becoming to understand this better and better.

Let us see how nude developed through the history. In the middle of the 19th century when makeup become commercially available different shades of Beige appeared. The next step of the trend was seen with eyeshadows and lipsticks. After some decades this tendency continued in fashion with shoes. Not all the shoes, but mostly pumps in different shades of nude. And today the day has come when also one lingerie line is available in different shades of nude so that you can find the perfect bra and briefs for your skin tone. In April 2018 Asos launched a new lingerie line in five different shades of nude. You can choose between Beige, Golden, Medium, Chestnut, and Dark. They also added two very trendy colors from this year: Rust (dusty pink) and Berry (pastel violet).

I think that lingerie in different shades of nude is a brilliant idea. Bold and amazing. It seems only right that we have a lingerie in different shades of nude. Now I’m asking myself how come this didn’t happen sooner. Big congrats to Asos who is always on point, always fresh, who is thinking ahead and know what the customers need. New Asos Nude lingerie collection below.