Last October was crazy and as I mentioned in last year blog post – mindblowing. I visited three countries in one month. The Czech Republic was already presented on Second Layer but Ibiza and Rome were waiting for the big reveal. And here it is. Welcome to Ibiza, baby!

I will kick off Ibiza with one of the most beautiful places on the island, La Torre. It lies near San Antonio and it’s probably the best and the most romantic place to watch the sunset. You can come and have a picnic there or you can enjoy dinner in a magical sunset if you reserve in advance. If you wish to experience this scene everyday book a room at La Torre hotel and let the wonders of nature delight you. It really is a special place with a sunset from thousands of colors.

Top by Mango
Trousers by ZARA
Shoes by Lazzarini

Shirt by ZARA
Trousers by ZARA