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I am in those years when people around me are doing adult things: buying apartments or houses, having kids and getting married. Grown up tasks. It came quicker than I thought. But it’s looking like a beautiful period with many magical moments. I witnessed one of this enchanted moments a week ago at a friends’ wedding. It was a wonderful night full of love, laugh, dance and an opportunity to foolishly catch up with old friends.

Weddings are a great occasion to put on something elegant and have a fun day and enjoy the night. Last year I was attending three weddings and I wore midi or maxi dress on all occasions. For this wedding, I didn’t know what to wear to the day of the wedding. At the end, I decided to wear red trousers with a white blouse. It was a different choice because weddings are usually screaming “Wear the dress!” to me. But I must say that I felt amazing in trousers. I styled them with red fringe heels and bun on the top of my head. I felt young and playful.

The part I loved the most is that me and Marko color matched for this occasion. His red accessories perfectly paired my trousers. And I think his blue suit is just insanely magnificent.

Trousers from Zara
Blouse from Mango
Bag from Mango
Shoes from Etiketa

Suit from Zara
Shirt from Christian Berg
Tie from Jasper Conran