Lučka and Luka are the most lovely couple. They started their love story more than ten years ago. They have two beautiful girls together and this year they decided to celebrate their love.

Lučka was stunning in her wedding dress. Or better say dresses, because there were three and she look gorgeous in all of them. She entered the wedding in a beautiful body with lace and tulle maxi skirt. Her second dress was mini version of wedding dress and for the party she wore a wonderful white jumpsuit. Luka was also very nice. He chose “only” one suit. Dark suit with white shirt and dark tie. He looked very polished and elegant. Real gentleman.

The sparks were sparking the whole day. After the ceremony the wedding transformed into the evening dance of happiness. Everybody was on the dance floor. From the little ones to the grand parents, from friends to families. The whole day was magic.

“We promise before everyone that we will always strive to be like on the first date.”

As for this triptych, these last three posts are my favourite so far. I love the photos, I introduced my love to you and I believe he will visit Second Layer again. I loved every second creating this three-part story. I enjoyed looking at each part, how they compliment each other and how they are different but still connected in beauty of life and love.

Dress from Lily J.
Shoes from Lazzarini
Rings from Stradivarius