I have not been very active on Second Layer blog lately. My boyfriend was sick and lying in bed so I took time for him, me and us. He is getting better and also the blog is getting some more attention.

Before my partner in crime was sick we went to Slovenian capitol Ljubljana to an evening event of Maja Ferme. She is an award winning Slovenian fashion designer. She is working on wedding dresses, business attire, evening dresses, handbags, jewellery and belts. This spring she presents beautiful ready to wear collection. It’s a great collection with very nice colour choice and elegant pieces. I love red pieces the most and a sweater with Maja Ferme coat of arms is also one of my favourites. I might say that coat of arms is the cherry on top of the whole collection and Maja Ferme brand. With it you show affiliation to her vision, and it’s also a fine detail.

You know the feeling when you admire your idols or famous artists? You respect them, you love their work and in your mind they are great people. But when you meet them in person, they might not reach your expectations. They may be unsophisticated, dull or maybe just the charisma isn’t there. But this is definitely not the case with Maja Ferme. Not only is she a great fashion designer, she is also very warm and nice-to-talk to person.

If you like beautiful clothes, visit Maja Ferme showroom in Ljubljana and spent time surrounded with stunning dresses. And if you are lucky, you will also meet her two charming dogs that wander around the floor.

Dress from H&M
Necklace from Pull&Bear
Metal bamboo mustard bag from Zara
Ballet pumps from H&M