Christmas in my favorite holiday by far. I celebrated Christmas Eve with my father’s family every year so far. We have big festive dinner with two tables: one for the grownups (50+ years) and one for children (35- years) because there are too many of us to all sit at one table. After dinner, we gather in the living room under the Christmas tree with gifts. Each year my father playfully divides the gifts. He prepares something different for each year and we all have a great laugh.

This year I spent Christmas Eve with Marko’s family for the first time. They start Christmas with a family portrait followed by the dinner. For dinner, his grandmother prepares wild game with bread dumplings. After you are finished with your dinner you blow up the candle in front of you. When everybody blows their candles, we go to the living room and check if Santa left any presents under the Christmas tree. There is a tradition with secret Santa and after gift opening the speculation about your secret Santa begins.

It was a wonderful evening. And that was not even the end of Christmas celebration. On the nex day, the 25th (Christmas day) me and Marko invited our families to an afternoon gathering with our own photo booth. Coming soon – tomorrow on te blog. 🙂

Blouse from Zara
Jewellery from H&M

Shirt from H&M
Tie from Gutteridge
Vest from H&M
Trousers from Zara