Days are getting shorter because of the winter time and evenings at home by the fire are more and more common. Work around the house went to hibernation until spring and long evenings are perfect to do some interior tasks. Clean, rearrange, organize. I’m quite organized person myself and it makes me happy when things are tidy and set up in forms. And while it may apply to women in general, I’ve always wished to have my jewelry organized. Finally, I achieved that; simply and quickly!

I bought a Komplement drawer in Ikea and blue felt in a textile shop. With a help of a screwdriver and scissors you can get to work. First, you need to assembled the drawer. Ikea instructions are simple and easy to use and you should have no problems. Next, you need to cut out the right size of felt of preferable color. I chose navy blue because I think jewelry is very nicely presented on darker colors and still looks lively. You can get red felt in Ikea but I feel that red is too overpowering and screaming color for a jewelry organizer. You finish the drawer with the transparent dividing organizer that will make little spaces to seperate different categories of your jewelry. Last, final, and for me, the most exciting step is to fill in your very own treasure chest.

When it’s all done, it looks amazing. And now every time I dress up and want to accessorize with necklaces or rings, I don’t need to search for the right piece in a pile of jewelry but everything is laid in front of me and I can easily find the right piece. This drawer is my favorite piece of wardrobe and I love it! It’s very useful and beautiful.

Komplement drawer from IKEA