Love is a mystery. It’s hard to control and it’s hard to counter. When it ignites, it strikes. It surprises you and it takes you over in the way like nothing else. You get chills, butterflies in your belly, red chicks and you behave irrationally. It gets into your mind and plays with you. It runs you wild and you are trying to compose yourself.

After days, nights, months and years it grows stronger and stronger. The bond gets more special, more connected and it’s building into the story of your life. A beautiful story in which you grow, feel safe and adventurous. When you are down it is there to pick you up and when you feel happy it gets you over the roof. It is the most beautiful thing to have in life. Love.

My love is crème de la crème. He makes me laugh and think, he works and plays with me, he loves making eggs for breakfast and vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate for dessert. He is also the best dance partner. When he gets in the right mood while dancing, he gets crazy and I love that about him. The last opportunity for that was at my cousin’s wedding. And that party will be the third and final part of this triptych dedicated to love. Stay put.

Dress from Lily J.
Shoes from Lazzarini
Rings from Stradivarius

Suit from Primark
Shirt from Christian Berg
Shoes from Rudy’s
Bowtie from Peek & Cloppenburg
Watch from Pulsar