When I was a little girl we had two horses at home. Real big horses. A mother and a baby horse. When a baby horse was old enough he went away. The first one found a new home in the neighbouring village, the second was badly injured and unfortunately passed away very soon. The third was named Miss and she stayed at home with us. Throughout the years I grew a special affection to horses. We don’t have horses any more now, but when I see them I still get mellow. Their strong and upstanding posture makes them impressive, elegant and powerful. And their gentle character makes them soft and beautiful.

This year my cousin had a wedding at Pule estate where they also have horses and stables. For her wedding I chose to wear a beige pleated maxi dress from Lily J. The dress is the perfect elegant length and the skirt gets great volume while twirling. What I also really like is the buttons going all the way up to the neck. I think in general that it is more beautiful if you show less skin. I styled the dress with shoes matching the belt. But with really short heels because I knew that I will be in the same shoes the whole day and that it’s going to be a party in the evening and I wanted to feel comfortable. They performed fabulously.

I also felt very comfortable and fabulous with him. I always feel fabulous and special with him. He who is my photographer, my partner, my love. Want to know more about him? Stay tuned for Part 2.

Dress from Lily J.
Shoes from Lazzarini
Rings from Stradivarius