If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed that what we like to do on our travels is a walk which we call Joie de Vivre Marche. It’s like a postcard with a memory from a place we visit.

We made the first one in 2015 in Lisbon. The idea was:
1. make a photo with both of us,
2. it must be made by us (not by a random bystander) and
3. it should not be a classical selfie and we should preferably be in some kind of a movement.

Since we didn’t have a tripod to take a photo with the timer, each took a photo of another and put both photos together afterward. It turned out very cute so we started to do it on several of our travels. Everywhere we want to have a memory from, or better say from everywhere we don’t forget to do it. It’s always a collage of two pictures. We do a photo burst of each one walking, we choose one photo each from the burst, and then we put the two photos together. And voilà, our marche is here!