October is gonna be crazy! Do you want to know why? The first exciting thing is Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Ljubljana. September is the fashion month all over the globe and because everything is happening in September Ljubljana decided to conclude fashion madness in October. This is not the same Fashion Week as I attended in April, which is Ljubljana Fashion Week. I was never at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and I’m very curious how it’s gonna be like. So the the month is gonna kick-off with something awesome.

And I will already be on my way to Rome the next day where I’m going on a short city trip with my family. From there me and Marko will continue our way to…[drumroll]… Ibiza, baby! Sun, sea, and Mediterranean air. Oh, yeah! And this will not be all just yet. At the end of October new trip is in the making, a few days trip to Prague. Say what?! Three different countries in one month? It’s insane. And what is even more insane: we got a return ticket to Ibiza and back for only 20 EUR per person. How?! What? I’m mind-blown, my hair is raising and cain’t wait for October to start. I will keep you posted with the updates, so stay tuned. 🙂