As every September, this one started very festively as well because of my birthday. It wasn’t just festive but also full of Pirates. With this party, me and Marko took our themed parties to another level. We had a Pirate flag, Pirate games, and even a treasure hunt. It was great. 🙂

Another exciting thing in September was an interview I did with Mateja Å kraba the founder of Frachella. The interview is coming in October. 🙂 The rest of September went by quietly with work, experiments, new Wishlist and a lot of planning for October. We didn’t expect to travel most of the October but we don’t mind it at all. Now we are in sunny Ibiza and finally have some time to post new things on the blog. Sorry for being a little bit quiet for the past two weeks. Now the Second Layer game is back on. New posts are coming soon.