His eye for aesthetics is one of the most impressive ones I’ve seen in a person. He has the powerful ability to see the big picture and create it from many small pieces. Marko Samec is driven by the constant growth of mind and creativity. He likes trying new things and constantly challenges himself. What he enjoys making the most is things that have a soul. He puts himself one hundred percent in every project: business and personal. For anybody who doesn’t know him, he is a great filmmaker, photographer, and designer. He works at SAMINO studio as creative director and at the startup company Reveel Technologies as the lead designer where they are working on the first complete visual media recognition platform.

Besides his job he also works on several personal projects. One of them is Quote Shorts, a series of short movies made from a few seconds of background video and a quote on the top. His shorts are inspired by a variety of things: the situations he goes through life, things that inspire him or just moments he finds special. Every quote is presented differently. Maybe it looks like they are made quickly but a great deal of work is put into those movies. I had the opportunity to be a part of one of them that was made very recently.

Our first Quote Short that we made together is inspired by Easter and something we face every day – changes. Change is something we don’t like very much but when they come, they are mostly good. It’s maybe hard to start them and as a quote by Robin Sharma says “change is messy in the middle” but at the end, we embrace it and find it beautiful. You can see our Quote Short below in the company with some other Quote Shorts Marko made himself.