There is a cultural habit in Slovenia to drink coffee in the morning. If not at home, at least somewhere on the way to the work or at the nearest coffee shop. We like to chat over coffee. Over time this habit has evolved to have coffee with colleagues or friends throughout any time in the day. It’s relaxing and fun.

We take this way of having a coffee or any other drink with us when we go abroad. When I was in London, this was quite tricky because they don’t have such nice and cute coffee shops so we mostly hung out in Starbucks. But in Croatia this culture is similar and you can go for a drink everywhere you like and hang out for hours. In most cases they also have free wifi. In very rare cases, wifi is actually working properly. But this is an important criteria for our line of work.

We are very lucky, that we can do a part of our job from almost anywhere. We can be on the other side of the world and still do most of the tasks. The bad side of things is that we take our work wherever we go. But if we are disciplined enough, we get everything done AND have fun travelling a lot. One of the reasons why we love our job.

Blouse from Zara
Sunglasses from H&M man