I love being playful. And I love projects where I can be playful. Where there are no limits, no right or wrong, no regulations. When you can do whatever your heart wants and what your mind imagines. Second Layer is my playground that allows me to play as I want. Through time I’m becoming bolder and taking posts to the next level.

Slovenian beauty and fashion magazine Grazia is holding a contest in collaboration with exquisite and colourful FREYWILLE. When I saw an announcement for the contest I immediately presented it to Marko and we started brainstorming for ideas. We were both on the same page about one thing: we wanted to do something different, something we don’t do every day. We wanted to experiment. And so we did.

From many ideas we narrowed it down to the one you are looking. A playful experiment with flour and unusual makeup. We got a new experience and learned something new, plus it was a great fun. I’m very thankful to Marija who helped us out with a very important task – she was throwing flour in me.